Water Melon Coolant

A very Easy Summer Drink that you will love !

You will need :

300 gms water melon, peeled , cut and deseeded.

100 ml of Chilled Water.

Mint leaves (2-3)

1 tbsp sugar  ( Add per your taste )

Blend in everything together in a blender for a minute or two.

Serve chilled.



Milk Soda

Another hit of the day 🙂  Doodh soda or Milk Soda. One of my pakistani friend introduced me to it and I was like..what ! How wierd that will be Milk and Soda..how can you drink that fizz in the milk ! She was like you have to try it Sana..so voila here I am with the instant recipe and drooling over this chilled Milk Soda..

My 5/5 Rating to her recipe.

good for summers and upcoming Ramadan.

You will love the taste !


Ingredients :
Milk ( 1 glass) chilled
sugar (1 tbsp)
Cardamom powder a pinch
Chilled sprite  (1 glass)

Directions :
Put milk ,sugar and cardamom powder in a jar and blend ( manually or via electric blender ).

Add in the sprite and mix well. The liquid will rise so your Jar has to be deep enough to avoid overflow .

Serve and Enjoy.