This blog is about our cooking experimentations that we did and enjoyed ,so would like to share some of our favorite recipes here .

We means ( Me and  my husband) and ME (my name Sana) and my husband ,Mohamed .

We are both foodies, we love to cook , host dinner and  invite people .We also love to eat outside, and try new cuisines. When we are home we are experimenting with new recipes, sometimes improvising and innovating to adapt to our taste buds.

So we hope to bring a recipe every weekend, not making any big promises ,one recipe a week is doable  I guess ( we promise things which we can do )

Well, our kitchen smells more of Indian Spices as I am Indian and some  Algerian spices too , 😉 as He is Algerian  ( the Algerian cuisine is originating from Mediterranean cooking and french cooking )

Well that was about us and our idea for this blog. I hope you enjoy some of our recipes!!



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Loubnanya

    What a cute presentation!! I can smell from here the indian spices melted to mediterrean spices hmmm I’m loving it!
    I hope you will keep sharing with your food passion but the most important is that you keep sharing it together alhamdoulillah.
    May Allah bless you both.

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