Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week 9 update

I am back with my diet update for last two weeks,  last to last  week went quite hectic at work and tiring so no time to update my status on blog.I checked my weight for week 8 , it was stable and for last week update I lost a pound  😀 yay! something going down on weighing scale, it was pleasing for my eyes !  and it was raining cats and dogs last week so not possible to go outside for long walks , I am trying to catch up during my daily walks .

I enjoyed making smoothies for my breakfast, used different combinations , they were all great , do try out some:

Kiwi, banana,yogurt, nuts, honey .

Mango ,yogurt, honey.

Pear ,Mango ,Yogurt.

Strawberry, banana, yogurt.

Some  pictures from  last week :


The third picture is a dal(lentils) soup with vegetables and some indian spices.

The fourth was our weekly sweet reward 🙂

the fifth one are baked red and green long peppers stuffed with rice,herbs and some minced meat.

Sixth one from our  smoothies.

Seventh is grilled chicken marinated with chicken tandoori masala, boiled eggs and steam vegetables with some beans and herbs.

the last one was whole wheat brown pasta, it was so heavy ! a little was enough to make you full.


My last week’s goals  , this week’s goals are same as well :

  1. Calorie intake 1400 calories .
  2. reducing bread from  lunch and dinner.
  3. Handful of nuts everyday.
  4. Adding more greens to my dinner  plate.
  5. My dinner calories target is 400 calories.
  6. Continuing my daily and weekly walks of 10 km.
  7. 15 mins stretching exercise every morning.

apart from above goals I am also doing following as my routine:

Stopped taking sugar in my tea and coffee everyday.

no soda and colas and junk food

Replaced my morning sandwich  with smoothies.

Dinner latest by 7 pm .

Eating more vegetables .

3 fruits daily.

no white bread , brown or whole wheat bread.

Green tea after dinner.

Drinking a cup of warm water boiled with cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey in morning .

Below is link  from Colleen on her site about  her weight loss journey and some great health tips.I am sharing my every week’s results with her to keep us  motivated.If you would like to join us  , just ping back to her post below and keep sharing your results :


6 thoughts on “Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week 9 update

  1. Silver Threading

    I missed this post and I am so sorry! I’ve found you now and I want to come over and eat! LOL! You did well this last couple of weeks. It is funny how if we try too hard, we don’t lose, and then sometimes without even trying we do lose! Have a great Sunday, my friend. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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