Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week 7 update

Hello my lovely friends,Hope you are all doing fine . I am back again with an update from my Diet Plan and Weight Watching. I have not posted anything lately on my blog . Firstly , forgive me for being lazy and secondly I was sick last week,  that means it was a no diet week , only sleeping and resting at home . I  had a flu , thanks to my sinus and this cold weather , that also means I didnt go out much on walks.

Last two weeks I didnt follow my diet plan , only took care of  eating healthy , as a result my weight had no changes. Since I was home , I tried quite many recipes , Will post soon  for now pictures only 🙂

Frankly speaking I was bored  from 6 weeks  of Dieting and recording my calories, the weight was reducing slowly but my motivation was losing faster. The break helped me to overcome my laziness and negativity. I thought about why I am losing motivation ? , may be I am trying to lose weight faster without doing much efforts  or I lost my focus of eating healthy and staying healthy. Losing weight was not my sole goal, eating healthy , more natural food  and achieving a healthier lifestyle were also on the list. They just got lost in obsession of weight loss.  Losing weight is game of patience, slowly and keep doing the small little things that you are doing and it will come .

I also  tried to cook lebanese food and algerian food last week  ,

some pictures for you:

Tli Tli : is an algerian dish, looks like orzo pasta ,difference is  it is steamed  rather than normal pasta  which is boiled  .It is eaten with a sauce of meat and vegetables and some boiled eggs on top. Yummy 😛

Hummus ( paste of boiled chickpeas with herbs, olive oil) is a good and healthy option for dips and lebanese bread is also light and less in calories. I am using hummus as dressing for my salad .it is a good replacement of creamy dressings.

Mutabbal( mix of grilled aubergines  with yogurt )  can be eaten like spread in sandwich or just like that with bread.

Crepes were the sunday breakfast, love it with different toppings of fruits and jams.

Egg baked inside bread, topped with some cheese and herbs.

My ginger tea helped my distress soul in cold.

  this week’s goals are  :

  1. Calorie intake 1400 calories .
  2. Cutting carbs from Dinner .
  3. Handful of nuts everyday.
  4. Adding more greens to my dinner  plate.
  5. My dinner calories target is 400 calories.
  6. weekly walk of 10 km.
  7. 15 mins stretching exercise every morning.

apart from above goals I am also doing following as my routine:

  • started smoothies for breakfast.
  • Stopped taking sugar in my tea and coffee everyday.
  • no soda and colas .
  • Dinner latest by 7 pm .
  • Eating more vegetables .
  • 3 fruits daily.
  • no white bread , brown or whole wheat bread.
  • Green tea after dinner.
  • Drinking a cup of warm water boiled with cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey in morning .

Below is link  from Colleen on her site about  her weight loss journey and some great health tips.I am sharing my every week’s results with her to keep us  motivated.If you would like to join us  , just ping back to her post below and keep sharing your results :












18 thoughts on “Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week 7 update

  1. Silver Threading

    I wondered if you were ill. I am glad that you are the mend. Welcome Back! You know I probably eat around 1500 calories a day. I wonder if the 80/20 rule would work for you so that you can have some meals that are more fun to eat. They say it revs up your metabolism. As soon as you feel better try to get that walk in each day. I sometimes think that does more for us than anything else. No matter what, take your time. We gain quicker than we lose. Slow and steady and you will win! Good luck this week. Feel better! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tejaswi

    Lazy bum…. that is all… aakhir mein.. it is all the world’s fault… you did everything, but alas you did not achieve your objective… how sad…
    Arey, you need someone like me to be a tyrant every single second of your day… Moti, sudhar jaa,… jaldi… Don’t give me stupid reasons that you fell ill… just do it.. (Nike)…. and if you must feel ill, then welcome it by saying oh wow now I need not even diet since I am going to be sick anyway 😀 ( Impossible is nothing….. Adidas…)

    er… why I mention shoe ads… is because I was involved in one of those campaigns.. and some stupid Lebanese cow with more oomph than sense came up with a tagline for the Dubai marathon saying “Impossible is nothing.. run for your impossible!!!” …. yes, indeed, you stupid cow, we run for our impossible… Like that frenchman who said about the barren woman.. oh, she is unbearable.. and then the other one said, she is inconceivable.. to which a third smart-aleck added.. oh you idiots, she is just so impregnable… ///

    Hey, lazy bum… don’t lose weight.. your bada bhai would be ashamed if you did.. so don’t 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • khansana1000

      hahahaha you made me laugh so hard.. I was missing Ershad’s posts , and voila my elder brother came to the rescue…I did diet last to last week, no weight loss !! that already pissed me off, then a flu last week, cherry on cake! still on the mend.. I dont think I can lose weight :D,, many reasons.. first is we are such a foodie, second even I cook something simple, Mohamed will definitely add some butter or cream to it 😉 chori chupke .. may be if I hit the gym 4-5 times a week run like a cow ,could be possible then I can lose some weight and you know me but I wont do that.. 😉 such a lazy bum I am !! ( not even ashamed to admit ;-0 ) just focussing on eating healthy and some walks , that’s it. hota hai to theek hai na ho to bhi theek hai.. sanu ki 😀 hope you are doing well and your lil ones too..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tejaswi

        oho!!! Saanu kee?? Tussein punjabi ho??? That same old “assein tussein lassi pee see” ???
        Long time since I heard that lingo… 😀 hahaha… Arey, Rampuri churi/chori… lose weight… I am a good critic…. so every time you miss your diet or exercise, I shall remind you. Stay healthy. As we grow old, we tend to find it even more difficult to lose weight. Smaller meals, even if you have to eat several times a day – that does the trick for me. (In fact, I hardly used to eat until I got married, jabardasti my wife would feed me until I got bloated all over.. now my illness is a good excuse to skip meals whenever I wish.. but shh… don’t tell her that.. haha)

        Liked by 1 person

      • khansana1000

        hahaha.. assii no punjabi , pure rampuri ..but I like to use some punjabi words ..Thanks for the reminder in advance 😉 earlier it was easy for me to lose weight quickly, but you are right with aging it gets difficult 😦 I am still not used of seeing myself like this feels like I am inside a borrowed body 😀 and you dont have to skip meals now on otherwise I will tell her 😛 😛 , I cannot skip meals, I need to eat ! little things do for me, a fruit or yogurt or some dry fruits. one month of fasting in an year is enough for me.. few good habits I have adopted from last two months ,like early dinner ,eating more salads, stopping colas , I hope rest will also come slowly.. How is your health ? Better I hope.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tejaswi

        🙂 good job… at least you are making an effort to be healthy and your diet seems to be pretty ok.

        Health, so so… going on… I don’t really have the strength any more, but it gets better at times when I will myself to get over it and then suddenly out of nowhere I am bed-ridden for a day or two. Hands are cold and blue all the while now. Sad, but hopefully that too shall pass 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • khansana1000

        I hope you get better soon :-)(InshaAllah ,will pray for you between the brackets you know why 😉 ) and keep smiling like you do, it gives strength to lazybones like me to fight with my small little health issues if I compare with yours.Take Care Big B

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tejaswi

        Wow, Big B?? Haan, meri awaaz bhi waisi hai 😀 Throughout the school and college years that was one of the things I was supposed to do – voiceovers… Rishtey main to hum tumhare Big B lagtey hain hahaha…

        You take care too. Allah hafiz.

        Liked by 1 person

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