A healthy chocolate mousse for the weight watchers!! Will try this weekend 🙂


This chocolate mousse is so freakin’ delicious that I could not stop licking my fingers/the spoon/the insides of the food processor whilst making it! Before I give you the recipe though, I want to put in context just how HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS this recipe actually is by comparing it to celebrity chef, Jaime Oliver’s. FYI, I have nothing whatsoever against Oliver; undoubtedly he’s an excellent Chef . However; I believe his “Delicious Chocolate Mousse” recipe contains some pretty naughty/”unhealthy” ingredients: (chocolate pieces, sea salt, eggs, caster sugar, full-fat cream, amaretto liqueur, cocoa powder, sesame snaps and sour cherries ) whilst in comparison, my recipe is:

1 small banana
1 ripe avocado
4 tbsp raw cacao powder
2 tbsp honey 
2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
berries to decorate

Need I say more?

Anyone that knows me at all knows that I have a HUGE sweet tooth and I LOVE chocolate. I assure you…

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