Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week 4 and 5 update

I started my Diet from Dec 2015 , the first two weeks  were to balance my food intake and adapting my habits to cooking/eating more healthy food. The initial two weeks were no weight loss and no weight gain weeks.The last two weeks I had lost 2 pounds in total, It’s not much but it is great feeling to see the scale meter coming down rather than going up as was the case from past few months.

The last two days of Dec and first two days of January, I couldn’t help myself to stop cooking and eating outside 😀 Holiday time . I ate and slept and ate again, went shopping  and dining . Although I tried to check the calories limitation not to exceed the level of 1800 cal, at which I do not gain any weight according to my BMI . I enjoyed my break from diet and also my  favorite food.

Some pictures from long weekend ,




My this week’s goals  :

  1. Calorie intake 1400 calories .
  2. Cutting carbs from Dinner and lunch.
  3. Handful of nuts everyday.
  4. Adding more greens to my dinner  plate.
  5. My dinner calories target is 400 calories.
  6. Continuing my daily and weekly walks.
  7. 15 mins stretching exercise every morning.

apart from above goals I am also doing following as my routine:

Stopped taking sugar in my tea and coffee everyday.

no soda and colas and junk food

Replaced my morning sandwich  with boiled or scrambled eggs.

Dinner latest by 7 pm .

Eating more vegetables .

3 fruits daily.

no white bread , brown or whole wheat bread.

Green tea after dinner.

Drinking a cup of warm water boiled with cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey in morning .

Below is link  from Colleen on her site about  her weight loss journey and some great health tips.I am sharing my every week’s results with her to keep us  motivated.If you would like to join us  , just ping back to her post below and keep sharing your results :











4 thoughts on “Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week 4 and 5 update

  1. Silver Threading

    Awesome! 2 pounds is perfect! I figure during the holidays we had to indulge a bit or it wouldn’t be the holidays. Great job you are doing. Do you like tea? That might be something that will help keep you full and hydrated too. I am so glad you are plugging along. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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