Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week3

Today is my third week of Diet plan and weight watching and I am here with my update about last week . My week went quite good with all calories intake noted down carefully in my excel sheet reaching target of 1400 calories and sometimes even lower until i arrived weekend it was all good . I couldn’t control much on eating outside 😦 but  I tried to compensate  by walking  10 kms during my weekend.The goals were successfully accomplished almost until friday 😉

The good news is I lost some weight(1 pound)  even though it is not much in spite of my rebellion to my diet but I am happy for now 🙂

My last week’s goals were  :

  1. To bring down my intake from 1600-1700  Calories to 1400 calories .√
  2. Cutting carbs from Dinner and lunch. So Instead of eating two slice of bread for lunch and dinner  . I would reduce to one each meal.√
  3. To include Yogurt in my meals. In India we make a salty yogurt dip called Raita. (You can add grated cucumber or small pieces of  tomato  with some salt, cumin powder or other spices of your choice in a low fat yogurt) .It makes a good side dish.√
  4. Handful of nuts everyday.√
  5. Adding Salad to dinner every day.  √
  6. My dinner calories target is 300 calories  . (couldn’t keep everyday)
  7. Adding walk to my routine.Currently I am walking to metro station everyday  which is 1.5 km . I will add 500 meters more to my everyday walk. I will get down a station before  and will try to walk down home.√ (even walked extra more than my goal , yay!)

This week’s goal are same as last week except I will avoid  much cheating.I will keep the cheat day limit to  1800 Cal which I  can compensate with my walks.

I am  expecting to reduce 2 pounds in this week ,apart from above goals I am also doing following as my routine:

Stopped taking sugar in my tea and coffee everyday.

Replaced my morning sandwich  with boiled or scrambled eggs.

Dinner latest by 7 pm .

Eating more green vegetables .

3 fruits daily.

no white bread , brown or whole wheat bread.

Drinking a cup of warm water boiled with cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey.

Below is link  from Colleen on her site about  her weight loss journey and some great health tips.I am sharing my every week’s results with her to keep us  motivated.If you would like to join us  , just ping back to her post below and keep sharing your results :











3 thoughts on “Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week3

  1. Silver Threading

    You are doing great! Don’t forget this week is Christmas. Don’t deprive yourself of treats that you normally would have. Instead, just have a small portion. I like how you are using a spreadsheet to track your caloric intake. That is excellent. Do you feel more in control of your eating habits? Have you been cooking any new recipes that are low calorie that hit the spot for you? I am so proud of you. Keep at it! ❤ ❤ ❤

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