Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week2


So Today is my second post on this topic and it is my update about how my last week of weight watching and healthy eating went . It is my weekly journal to keep track of my food activities 😀 , I was expecting last week to go a bit hard but it went quite smoothly. To my surprise I  didn’t feel much hungry after switching to healthy eating, my appetite is reducing slowly and I feel full which was not the case before. I have to admit I did cheat on sunday, cooked my favorite food and enjoyed , although I took care of portions. I also ate some chocolates which is inevitable in this festive season but the good news is my weight is stable and also I feel less bloated now.

Keeping a diary to record your daily meal and how much calories intake, helps a lot. It is bit of more work in the first week but from second week you will start remembering how much calories are in 1 apple or orange or 10 almonds by heart 😀

My Last week’s goals were :

  1. To bring down my intake from 2100-2200 Calories to 1600-1700 calories , to stabilize my weight.  √
  2. Cooking interesting but healthy food according to my required  calorie intake .√
  3. Adding Salad to dinner every day. ( This I couldn’t do all days)
  4. My dinner calories target is 350-400  . √

so I had easy goals for my first official diet week just to bribe myself  for dieting 😉

This week’s goals would be a level tough .My plan for this week :

  1. To bring down my intake from 1600-1700  Calories to 1400 calories .
  2. Cutting carbs from Dinner and lunch. So Instead of eating two slice of bread for lunch and dinner  . I would reduce to one each meal.
  3. To include Yogurt in my meals. In India we make a salty yogurt dip called Raita. (You can add grated cucumber or small pieces of  tomato  with some salt, cumin powder or other spices of your choice in a low fat yogurt) .It makes a good side dish.
  4. Handful of nuts everyday.
  5. Adding Salad to dinner every day. (pending from last week 😉 )
  6. My dinner calories target is 300 calories  .
  7. Adding walk to my routine.Currently I am walking to metro station everyday  which is 1.5 km . I will add 500 meters more to my everyday walk. I will get down a station before  and will try to walk down home.

I am  expecting to reduce few pounds in this week and I am also keeping up the changes in my routine as I mentioned in my last post  :

Stopped taking sugar in my tea and coffee everyday.

Replaced my morning sandwich  with boiled or scrambled eggs.

Dinner latest by 7 pm .

Eating more green vegetables .

3 fruits daily.

no white bread , brown or whole wheat bread.

Drinking a cup of warm water boiled with cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey.


Below is link  from Colleen on her site about  her weight loss journey and some great health tips.I am sharing my every week’s results with her to keep us  motivated.If you would like to join us  , just ping back to her post below and keep sharing your results :











3 thoughts on “Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week2

  1. SeasonedSistah2

    Prompted after viewing, Silver Threading’s post about healthy eating I decided to visit ur blog. I too am on a journey toward healthy living with a goal to bring positive change to the mind, body and spirit. Ur weekly checklist is a good way of holding ourselves accountable.

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