Diet Plan and Weight Watching

All my lovely Bloggers, I haven’t been posted much on my food blog lately, my apologies for that and  the reasons are : my new found hobby for writing comic strips ( that was an excuse :P)  , Now the serious one, I have been planning and watching my Diet, didn’t cook anything special lately . I know it’s boring ! especially for a foodie like me ,I am struggling with my weight for few months, I was always on the upper boundary of my BMI range considered to be a healthy person still , it came up with few extra kilos in beginning of this year  and I thought of doing diet  many times, tried for  a day or two and gave up . Now it is 8 kilos up 😦  alarming situation .

Giving up carbs completely or switching to strict diet routine , my body cannot adapt quickly, I need to think of pattern that my body can respond well. I  have started  with a slow but a lasting  approach , by making changes in my food habits first and  then cutting down my calories. I have started logging my food intake and the calories I actually need for my sedentary life of sitting in office 9-5 routine. It was to my surprise that I am eating 400-500 extra calories everyday without noticing which is actually causing my weight gain.It was in form of biscuits, chocolates , sweets and bread in sandwiches.I don’t drink much soda or artificial juices so that is already a good thing.

I am taking up my goals on weekly basis. Few changes that I have bring in from past two weeks :

Stopped taking sugar in my tea and coffee everyday.

Replaced my morning sandwich  with boiled or scrambled eggs.

Dinner latest by 7 pm .

Eating more green vegetables .

3 fruits daily.

no white bread , brown or whole wheat bread.

Drinking a cup of warm water boiled with cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey.

My plan for this week :


To bring down my intake from 2100-2200 Calories to 1600-1700 calories , to stabilize my weight.

Cooking interesting but healthy food according to my required  calorie intake .

Adding Salad to dinner every day.

My dinner calories target is 350-400  .

Below is link for some health advice from Colleen on her site about healthy eating and weight loss journey.

Mindful Monday on Silver )











8 thoughts on “Diet Plan and Weight Watching

  1. Silver Threading

    Good luck on your plan! Thanks so much for linking up with my Mindful Monday-Healthy Living. Being healthy is a journey and I am looking forward to seeing you on the path. I figure if we all help each other out it won’t feel like such drudgery. Welcome! ❤ ❤ 😀

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