Fall Ideas for Home.

This weekend I was busy searching  some stuff for my dining table to give it some Fall touch , I love to set up the table for us two and enjoy our meals.

So in this weary weather continued from last week,when we can’t go out much  , least I can do is change few colours around me,cook a nice meal and enjoy on a well laid table! ,so that’s  what I did this weekend. I found some combinations of rust, browns and reds and were perfect for a fall table.


I also found some nice flowers for my vase, and my pots.

IMG_6981        IMG_6978

While I was doing all this, my sofa was staring and frowning at me, so I put a nice rust red sheet over it and brown cushions to match with everything around.


Do tell me how you like it ??


13 thoughts on “Fall Ideas for Home.

  1. Loubnanya

    This is such a warm hearting home! I mean I’m not amazed at all since you are loving & joyful!
    I totally love the dinning table decor and the VASE, wow gold is one of my favourite colours 😉
    & the little table seems cute as well but we don’t really see it. Is it Indian?


      • Loubnanya

        I love indian decor as well, mixed with morrocan 😉 I told you I should have born indian hahaha
        No, i was talking about the little table in front of the sofa.

        Liked by 1 person

      • khansana1000

        hehehe, yes would have been good for me if you were born in my family ,I would have a sister then ! That table is not Indian but I like it because of its indian look.Me too I like to mix modern with traditional style !

        Liked by 1 person

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